Hans “Jimmy” Giebeler

Through art, we revive

Born in the “year zero” at the Second World War’s end, the artist Jimmy Giebeler came of age at a time when to be alive was to question your life’s meaning; a global existential crisis that turned personal when the war took both of Jimmy’s parents in 1945.

Raised by his maternal grandfather and educated abroad, the dread that Jimmy was born into only grew. How could one make sense of an existence in which beauty and horror coincide? Was it heartless to try and seek pleasure—happiness even—in such a world?


After years of inner searching, Jimmy decided to give an existential ‘yes’ to life. He started traveling widely—Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, India all the way to Tibetan monasteries in Kashmir—and it was during these travels that he realized his vocation as a translator of splendor.



Whether it was a piece of raw meat that conjured voluptuousness and darkness, a herd of horses galloping through a fiery city, or a naked woman reading on a bed, through art, Jimmy could make sense of the world’s beauty and contend with its mistakes.


Today, Jimmy lives on a horse ranch at the pacific coast in Mexico, training polo-ponies, where he finds inspiration for new pieces every day. Cities, horses, women and floral still lifes are reoccurring subjects in his work, as are auto-portraits. Best known for his large format paintings, but equally comfortable with smaller formats and sculptures, to view a Jimmy Giebeler is to contend with the undeniable beauty of a terrifying world.

Key Life Events

1944  Born in Wegberg, Germany​

1945  Both parents die in World War II, maternal grandfather takes over Giebeler’s education

1958/63 Attends grammar schools in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

1964 Enters the "Arts Décoratifs" art school in Strasbourg

1965/69 Lives, travels and works in France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran,

              Afghanistan, India, Nepal.

1970  Settles in Aix en Provence, France

1971  First group exhibition at the Gallery "La Tâche," Aix en Provence

1972  Creates bronze sculptures in Miguel Berrocal’s foundry in Verona, Italy

1973  Famed Belgian collector Stephane Janssen starts buying Giebeler’s art and sculptures

1974  Exposes work at the "Espace Cardin" in Paris

1977 Paints a 60m2 mural in Pontoise, France

1981  First solo show at the Gallery "Arvil", Mexico

1982  The "Bush Reisinger" museum of Harvard University includes one of Giebeler’s paintings

           in its permanent collection of German art

1983  Paints a 70m2 mural at Château Giscours, France, commissioned the Tari family.

1984  Creates several commissioned posters for Rolex which are used at USPA polo events

           around the world and on the cover of sporting magazines throughout the USA

1991  Solo show at the Gallery Etienne de Causans, Paris

1993  The French art critic, Pascal Bonafoux, writes a book dedicated to Giebeler’s work

1994  Solo show of 30 “Le Perche” landscapes at the Espace Demours, Paris, sponsored by

          Syseca Thomson

1995   Solo show at the gallery Notices, Singapore sponsored by Syseca Thomson

1996   Solo show at the gallery Casa Lamm, Mexico City sponsored by Syseca Thomson

1999  Group exhibition at the Kulturtage Bonn-Meckenheim, Germany?

2000  Group exhibition the Careyes Art Space Gallery, Costa Careyes, Mexico

2000  Solo show at the Joelle Mortier Valat gallery, Paris

2003  Solo show, Espace Ricard, Paris

2004 Group show "Arte en mi casa" de Lorenca Corcuera, Mexico

2005  Solo show, El Ciruelo, Tepoztlan, Mexico

2006  Solo show at the gallery Florencia Riestra, Mexico City

2009 Group exhibition the Careyes Art Space Gallery, Costa Careyes, Mexico

2011-12 Design and construction of a seaside home and art studio in Chamela, Mexico

2016  Solo show in Mexico City, curated by Karen Huber.

2019  Solo show Mexico city coming up